Immediate functional loading of cortical implants: A case report in Maxillary Anterior Rehabilitation

Manoj Kumar Singh, Rupam Kumari, Surupa Dutta, Mekhala Mukherjee, Aastha Todi, Subhradip Kayal

International Journal Dental and Medical Sciences Research Volume 3, Issue 2,Mar-Apr 2021 pp 390-395

ABSTRACT: In conventional implant system, we provide delayed loading, which needs prolonged time period for osseointegration to take place. Paradigm shift occurs from delayed to immediate loading implant system through cortical implantology. Cortical implantology is a science but even more so, it’s an art where technique and procedure with thorough knowledge can be well executed by skilled dentists via multidisciplinary approach. This system is associated with a special occlusal scheme, which demands rigid fixation of implant to the stable cortex. Anterior aesthetic possesses a greater challenge to clinician in terms of aesthetic results. This paper presents a case report with this unconventional implant system.

Key words: Cortical implantology, Immediate loading, Rigid fixation.

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